10 Most Popular Plugins for WordPress in 2020

Good themes and plugins can make an impactful difference in your digital marketing campaigns. There are all-star popular WordPress plugins that can help with content strategy, SEO, site security and facebook marketing.

In the era of technical revolution, most of the business use the online platform to maximize themselves as well as reach out to more people to make their brand value and business.

In this process, they are directly or indirectly use the online platform.

Building a website with an awesome graphical user interface, giving the customer the best user experience while pursuing the product is the main goal.

There are so many websites that give off a very clean, simple, and cheerful feeling.

WordPress fulfils all the requirements as it has so many features and plugins. The list will contain a clutch of paid as well as free plugins to suit your budget. However, regardless of the price, we have made sure that all these plugins will get the required job done for you.

But with more than 29,000 WordPress plugins available in the market, how do you identify which are the best?

We’ve done the work for you.

Here, We’ve rounded up 10 best WordPress plugins to add to your website in 2020.

1.  MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot

Anyone who wants to connect their business with the 1.3 billion+ user on Facebook Messenger. Then add MobileMonkey’s WP-Chatbot plugins to the website.

It’s just like a usual website chat where users can interact with a support team or get answers to questions, but with the added benefit of getting information and tracking the record on every single one of those users.

When a user interacts with a MobileMonkey-powered site chat, the conversation they’re having is being transferred through Facebook Messenger.

This helps the website to back up all the chats conversations.

More importantly, you can add signup and login forms where users can automatically add their information, making it way simpler for you to gather data on your customers and follow up with them. 

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress sites. Yoast SEO shows how SEO-friendly your post is and gives suggestions for how to improve it.

So many plugins available in the market for WordPress development Yoast has got much praise for its extensive applications in SEO, both within and beyond its ubiquity as a WordPress plugin as well as for its accessibility as a freemium model.

WordPress SEO by Yoast comes with both a bunch of useful features and built-in content analysis functionality which helps you to optimize your content. It has a feature that automatically builds XML sitemaps submitted to Google which helps to update newly published content.

3. Jetpack

Whether you’re new to this industry or been around for a while, one of the most popular plugins you’ve probably heard about is Jetpack. Jetpack plugin is one of the very first items you’ll find in the WP official directory and is also among the highest number of installations EVER!

This is better than other plugins to cater to commonly required features and functions such as security, performance, traffic growth, image optimization, design, marketing, and many other essentials. 

It’s very easy to install and it’s backed by the parent company of WordPress.com and has a fully professional support team. Setting it up is very easy and straight and working with it is very intuitive and easy, particularly for those who do not manage WP on a regular basis.

4. Akismet Anti-Spam

This plugin is automatically installed along with WordPress installation. Akismet is your safeguard against spam comments on your WordPress site. It filters out comments that are spammy with illegals links, inappropriate messages, and such.

You can also monitor a status history for each comment, so you can detect where they come from. If you need more influential features for a commercial website, there’s also a  premium option.

5. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the best customizable eCommerce business platforms for building your online business. As per statistics WooCommerce is now the most popular and used eCommerce platform on the web.

It got hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions, meeting all logistical & technical requirements, anyone can rest assured there’s an extension for their specific needs. WooCommerce turns out a blessing for developers also.

Developers found it very easy and customer friendly. Being an open-source platform for developers it gives them extendibility and adaptability. WooCommerce gives the shopkeepers the control to sell anything, anywhere beautifully.

WooCommerce grabs over 28% of all online stores with 81,014,625 downloads. This defines that Woocommerce is undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce websites.

There is also an online community available for WooCommerce users worldwide you can interact with.

6. Wordfence Security

WordFence Security is the most popular WordPress security plugins in the market. This WordPress plugin gives Protection hacking with real-time monitoring.

Having firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, and many other features Wordfence security plugin is at the pick of the popularity.

Wordfence also monitors real-time activities on your website, so you can always keep tracking on things. Read more about setting up Wordfence.

7. Google XML Sitemaps 

Setting up Google XML sitemaps and getting them just right can be exhausting.

Google XML  sitemaps create your XML sitemap for you and ensure your website will be indexed on top by all the major search engines.

The content management system offers WordPress sitemap plugins which you can install to set up your sitemap with a few clicks quickly.

Once installed, the plugins will be able to automatically pick up new pages that you create and add them to its list.

All you have to do is submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster console, Bing Webmaster tool, and so on.

The plugin has been around for over nine years now, and it has grown to have a large user base. It can quickly help you create sitemaps for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo.

It is designed to work with all kinds of WordPress generated pages including custom URLs. It will get automatically update in search engines every time when you add a new page or publish a new post.

8. WPForms

Every WordPress website needs a contact form plugin, regardless of its traffic.

Using a contact form will keep you safe from spammers and hackers. You can keep your WordPress site more secure by using a  form instead of displaying your email address.

This way, you’re keeping your email safe from spammers who send illegal offers and phishing emails.

Using forms also saves time. By using a contact form, you can specify what necessary details you’ll need to know when your potential customers and visitor are reaching you out.

This helps build a long-lasting relationship with them and to follow up on prospects.

If you want extra features, then you can go for the pro version. Read more about the setting up.

Premium version allows you to collect payments, conduct surveys, take job applications, and so on.

9. Redirection

When it comes to the term redirect, This plugin is especially useful when you make big changes to your WordPress site.

It got all the features that you will need on your website to redirect 301 redirects or 404 error pages. This plugin can also be greatly useful to fix all the small technical bugs or broken links of your website.

Lessen them can greatly help you to improve your overall site rankings.

This also one of the most trusted plugins in WordPress. So, it is also referred by many for any tasks related to the redirection on a website.

WordPress redirect plugin also automatically create a new redirect when the URLs are changed. It can come proficient when the permalinks of the posts or the webpages are changed.

The change of these permalinks can also be taken care of through this plugin.

10.Google analytics 

Google Analytics is free to use a statistical tool for understanding website traffic. Understanding your user and their requirements is a great way to improve your user traffic.

Therefore, it’s an obvious choice to try the Google analytics plugin for your WordPress website and MonsterInsights’ Google analytics tool is better than any other plugins out there for this purpose.

The plugin allows admin to check various real-time stats regarding your website. Furthermore, using Universal tracking, you can track user views and so much information from multiple platforms and devices as well as receive various graphic and interesting reports.

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