6 Reasons Premium Fashion eCommerce WordPress Themes Make Sense

It is not easy to say what is coming next in the world of fashion, for how long a fashion trend is going to stay and when an outdated fashion trend is going to make a comeback. Nothing is permanent in the fashion world.

However, people’s desire of staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends is permanent. Not only youngsters but people of all ages also are interested in what’s new to wear on the cousin’s wedding, prom night, homecoming party or any other event. They are going to buy it.

And when they are always going to buy it, running an online store selling outfits is always going to be profitable. The internet is the best place to sell if you have a fast, secure and optimized website. You need a fashion eCommerce theme to build an online store for selling clothes. You can find both free and premium fashion WordPress theme for online fashion shops.

If you have selected a free WordPress theme for your store, keep reading this article to see why you are wrong!

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You might have a question to ask. When free themes are also very beautiful and stylish, why buy a premium eCommerce theme for your online shop.

Your eCommerce store needs more and better features and functionalities to process the customer’s order securely and make it simple for the customer to pay.

You are not going to find these features and functionalities in the free version. There are many more reasons for investing in a premium fashion WordPress theme for an eCommerce fashion shop.    

Professionally designed theme coded to address the needs of an online clothing shop. This theme is designed to cater to a specific type of eCommerce store.

When you are buying a premium theme, you will get advanced features, more functionalities and better services.

So, if you are serious about your online fashion business, we will give you 6 reasons for buying a premium theme.        

  1. Support

You are not going to get any kind of support from developers if you are using a free WordPress theme for your online store.

However, theme developers provide customer support which is often available round the clock. If you are having any issue with the installation, you are on your own. Developers are not going to help you in setting up your online store.

But in case of premium, one can contact the support team anytime. When you are paying for the theme, it is the obligation of the developers to listen to and address your concerns.

Even when the developers are providing support for free themes, websites with premium installations will get high-priority support.    

2. Documentation

Things become easy for developers when detailed documentation is available. All the necessary information you need to set up your online store is available in the detailed documentation.

All the features are well explained. Documentation with free themes is not that detailed. Any tech novice can understand the extensive documentation of a premium fashion eCommerce theme.    

3. Quality

You can visit wordpress.org and find many free WordPress themes for fashion shops. Most of these themes are well coded. You are least likely to encounter major code errors.

WordPress Themes

However, error-free code is not enough. Customers buy outfits from fashion shops appearing on the very first search engine result page.

In other words, you will need a fashion theme which is coded with SEO in mind.

The code of free WordPress themes is not well-organized. It will not be easy for you to debug the code of the free theme. Moreover, it is not easy to rank an online fashion shop built with a free WordPress theme.

Developers follow more professional approach and use the latest technologies to develop standards-compliant, unique, secure and up-to-date themes.

Premium themes always have clean code and all coding standards are practised.                                    

It is very easy to customize and modify a premium fashion WordPress theme. All the changes you have made in the code will be executed very easily.

As the code of the free theme is not well-organized, it is not easy to edit the code of this theme.

Websites built using premium fashion themes are faster. Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors. More traffic to your online fashion shop will increase revenue.       

4. Update

WordPress core is updated every few months. WordPress is updated regularly to fix bugs, enhance existing features, add new features and improve performance.

Some of the features of the free theme may not be compatible with the major WordPress updates.

Your fashion shop website will not only be deprived of new features and improvements, but this will also put the security of your fashion shop at risk.

However, when you are using a premium fashion eCommerce theme, you will be able to enjoy all the new features of WordPress updates as premium themes are updated more frequently.

These themes are updated with the current web standards in mind. Premium WordPress themes are more responsive to WordPress updates.

Free WordPress themes are not updated that frequently.     

5. Features

A limited number of features are available with free themes. You need to make some changes in the code for additional features and amendments.

However, not everyone is tech-savvy. It takes at least intermediate PHP, HTML and CSS skills to edit code.

When you are using a premium fashion eCommerce theme, you need a little programming knowledge as most of the features are already available with the premium theme.

All premium WordPress fashion eCommerce themes come with many useful premium plugins.                

6. Customization options

You will get limited customization options with free themes. You can change the color or font of the website and this is not enough.

You need to make some changes in the code and if you are doing this with very limited programming knowledge, you can run into bigger issues.

You are not resigning to the same default layout and color schemes when using premium themes. You cannot give a personal touch to your online store when you are using a free WordPress theme.

Premium themes give you in-depth control over customization.

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