How Choosing A Bad Theme Can Damage Your Ecommerce Website

Designing an eCommerce website is one of the hardest aspects of selling products online.

Not only do you have to do comprehensive research and step inside your customer’s brain, but you also have to let them know what is the best product for them.

Most of the themes or templates you see online are visually appealing. At first instance, you might feel that it would be ideal for your eCommerce store. However, this might be a big mistake.

The problems begin when you are unable to curate the design as per your expectations – this is not an easy task. Some themes may initially look good because of their colors, typographies, and other elements.

But, what happens when you have to make updates on the go? What if you have to change the fonts to match your brand logo or alter the colors of the CTAs? A small change can force you to change the website from the core. When modifying any of the pre-designed templates, you cannot expect the desired result every single time.

Things might get even more difficult when you are not a professional web designer. Remember, if your eCommerce store does not offer a professional experience to the audience, you will have negative conversion rates.

Let’s have a look at some more scenarios that you may face as a result of choosing a bad WordPress theme for your eCommerce site.

Your Site Is Not Mobile Optimized

This decade saw the dominance of mobile traffic over traditional desktop traffic. The trend is universal – irrespective of what you sell online. Chances are your traffic patterns would be identical to this trend.

Mobile has become an important factor for online stores, especially when people now preferring to shop on the go. Good themes come with the mobile-first approach for designing the website, which is generally not possible with some free themes.

Lack Of Advanced Features

A good design cannot yield the best ROI if your website lacks the critical features, some of which may be based on your business only. While a bad theme will keep you bound to explore, a good theme will let you get ideas from other websites in your niche and integrate these into your business.

This will let you integrate all the best possible elements that will let you attract visitors and customers, draw their attention to make a purchase and provide a satisfying online shopping experience. 

Restricted Code-free Customization

What makes the premium templates stand out from the bad ones is the fact that they can be optimized without you touching the code. Customizing your site is fun as almost all the features are simple drag-and-drop.

This not only lets you create a pretty eCommerce store that is appealing sound, but one that sells too. So, make sure that you have a good theme to create your digital store.

Browser Compatibility

Today, there are different Internet browsers and each one of them shares a significant user-base. If you are not using a well-designed theme, one browser can display your eCommerce store differently than others.

This will hamper the appearance of your site as well as its user experience. Therefore, it is important that you choose a compatible template that can work well on all the trending web browsers. This will give your online visitors a consistent look and feel.

Restrictions In Optimization

This problem is common to most bad or non-recommended templates. Quite often we face a common issue that functionality of a particular template is simply truncated or available in the highly-priced versions.

Sometimes, there are instances where changing the functionalities of the theme can result in time and financial costs equivalent to developing a unique design.

Limited Functionalities

A bad theme or template design is often restricted with limited functionalities. It is not practically possible to enhance the WordPress website or make it full-fledged from the point of view of the latest online business portal. So, there are a huge number of templates that are not optimized to deal with basic needs such as mobile traffic.

With an irrelevant theme, you cannot think of advanced dynamics – you will have the option to go with the simplest sliders, a limited number of blocks, product listings, CTAs, etc. There might be a chance that you can purchase some features from the theme owners, but it’s still not good enough.


An online store is a dynamic space where constant and periodic updates are performed. Eventually, you would never want to deal with any kind of bottlenecks that are based on your website theme. The ideal theme will get you a unique template for your online store and the necessary features you would need.

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