Features and Performance Evaluation of WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is rightly billed as a major update. And, the credit goes to the new block editor, Gutenberg, Twenty Nineteen theme and other exciting features. Some of you are likely to find the latest update a little tricky but only for the first time. However, after using it several times, you are going to love it. Before you update to WordPress 5.0, make sure that your WordPress website themes are compatible with the latest version. And, if you are building a new website using WordPress 5.0, find WordPress website themes compatible with the latest update.

Upgrading to WordPress 5.0

You can visit the official website of WordPress and download WordPress 5.0 zip file. You can also go to the WordPress dashboard and update it from there.

Follow these simple three steps to update your WordPress installation to the latest one:

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard    
  • Navigate to Updates
  • Click ‘Update Now’ button

WordPress 5.0 – Speed Analysis  

The predecessor of WordPress 5.0 is WordPress 4.9.8. So, let’s compare the performance of these two versions.     

In order to test and compare performance of the both versions, host a WordPress 4.9.8 website and a WordPress 5.0 website on the same server. Make sure that both websites are not optimized.     

WordPress 4.9.8 and Twenty Seventeen Theme

Page Size: 296.0 kb

Load time: 1.43 s

Performance grade: 88

Page size: 39.2

Load time: 807 ms

Performance grade: 94

This short test shows that WordPress 5.0 outperforms WordPress 4.9.8 in every aspect.      

Gutenberg – The New Block Editor

The WordPress Gutenberg Editor was first introduced in 2017. It started creating buzz right from the beginning. It is now the default editor in the latest WordPress update. In case you are reluctant to using the new block editor, you can install the classic editor plugin. And, if you want to test the new block editor before making the upgrade, you can download and install the Gutenberg plugin.            

If you have upgraded to WordPress 5.0 or you have installed the Gutenberg plugin, let’s create the very first post. Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click Posts.

Click Add New

Here is how the new block editor looks like:

Gutenberg Editor Features

You can find two tabs on the right side of the dashboard:

  1. Documents  
  2. Block


This tab contains the major options available in the classic editor. You can use this tab for choosing categories, uploading images, publishing posts and more.       


This is a new feature in the WordPress 5.0. If you have been using the WordPress page builder, you are likely to be a familiar with this feature. There is a table block allowing you to add a table with the number of columns and rows you specify. This makes it a lot easier to change the style and other table settings using the block setting.         

Text Styling

Gutenberg, the new block editor has text styling and formatting options. You can very easily change the text color, size and even background color.

Live HTML Preview

This is a great useful feature in the Gutenberg editor making it easy to use the HTML code in the post or the page. Simply add the custom HTML code and click Preview. You will see the preview in the editor itself.    

Other WordPress 5.0 features 

It has built-in buttons you can drag and drop inside the post.

There is a separate block allowing you to embed social profiles.

There is a word and block count feature.

It comes with new alignment options.

It has anchor and table of contents support.  

So far so great, right?

There is no doubt that Gutenberg is here to stay with its rich and useful features. However, there are some users still reluctant to switching to the WordPress 5.0. After using this update for a while, users start appreciating the new block editor.         

WordPress 5.0 also supports the PHP version 7.3, the upcoming PHP version. It also comes with a new JavaScript language pack allowing developers to add translatable strings to the JavaScript code.    

You can select different default editor fonts for different locate.

You can transform video and image blocks into an embed block.

Click ‘preview’ button and a draft of the complete post is saved.  

It comes with a localized DateTimePicker component.

wp-image-### CSS class allows you to use size attributes and srcset for images.

You can save all meta boxes simply by clicking the ‘preview’ button.

The core security is greatly improved.

It has a fast and lightweight front-end editor.  

The twenty nineteen theme is responsive. This version is developed to improve the mobile experience. The default WordPress theme is built to improve page load speed on all devices.     

You can crop the background images. The lightweight and modern minimalistic twenty nineteen theme is one of the best WordPress website themes or blog themes.

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