[5 Ways] One Page Premium WordPress Themes For SEO-Friendly Website

There are several other website builders all having very useful features but WordPress is the unchallenged reigning king. Estimated 32% of the websites currently on the web are built and maintained using this content management system. Out of the top 100 websites on the web, 14.7% of the websites are powered by WordPress. This website builder is holding roughly 60% of the CMS market share. If you want to build a website for your business, simply download WordPress, buy a hosting plan, download one of the suitable free or premium WordPress themes, download WordPress plugins to expand its functionality, click publish and you are live. The best part is, WordPress makes it easier to produce and publish SEO friendly content. To know more about, how to produce SEO content, visit Backlinko. Moreover, this platform offers SEO friendly WordPress themes. So, you can easily build SEO Friendly website.      

seoThere are endless options available to address your need of having a theme that will offer great browsing experience and performance on displays of all sizes. The search engine giant, Google, gives preference to websites created using responsive themes. Now the question is, has one page theme or one page website something to do with the visibility on the web? One page themes, whether free WordPress themes or premium WordPress themes, are in trend. The active installations of one page themes are drastically increasing. Apart from the WordPress directory, almost every WordPress theme and plugin marketplace has a decent collection of one page themes. So, if you want to bring your business on the web using a one page WordPress theme, and you want to know how it will affect SEO performance of the website, this article is going to help you.

One Page Website       

This is a website using one web page for loading all web pages dynamically. A one page website usually has a base layout for the website’s main page with the content organization for remaining web pages. Having a one page website does not mean that the website user will have to scroll endlessly. Thanks to the recently developed CSS3 and AJAX techniques, the website user can access web pages or content organizations without scrolling too much. Developers are using these AJAX and CSS3 techniques for creating navigation menus. These menus are taking the user to a particular page or a section of content on the web page without scrolling. A one page website provides the user with enough information required to take some action. There are no images, text or any other type of content that is of no use for the user. Only valuable content is presented which seizes attention and serves the needs of the website user. A one page SEO friendly WordPress theme is the most suitable for websites for showcasing portfolios, and product announcements and promotions. Many ICO startups are using one page websites for promoting sales of tokens. Only a little but useful content is published on one page websites.

One Page Website and SEO

One page websites are simple

A website with simple navigation, design and content offers excellent user experience and this is what Google wants. The search engine simply wants to serve the user with the most useful content.  Simple is easy to understand and so is a one page website. There is no complicated navigation. This simplicity of one page themes makes the website search engine and user friendly.   

One page websites are faster

A one page website has different parts on the same web page. This greatly improves the browsing experience of the website. It takes only one click to go to a particular section on the web page. This improves user experience without affecting the performance of the website. Google hardly considers slow websites while ranking. If your website is offering a better experience and it is taking less time to load, Google will rank your website.

One page websites focus on quality

On a one page website, the focus is on quality, not quantity. Since it is a single page website, you are pushed to post minimum content which has to be simple and of better quality. Google ranks website delivering quality content and one page websites offer better conversion as well.      

Premium WordPress Themes

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly website

One page websites offer higher conversion rate    

A one page website user reads less content as the website has only one page and the content is minimized and it is of better quality. So, if you plan and sequence page elements wisely with conversion in mind, the website will lead the users to the action you want them to take. You might have noticed, many landing pages have single page design.     

One page websites are easy to manage

There is less content on the page. Navigation is also very simple. And, there is only one web page. This is the reason why one page websites are easy to manage. 

If you look at the BEONEPAGE – one page theme by BeTheme, just like a good one-page theme, it is simple, fast, easy to navigate, pushes the website creator to publish minimum content.

Betheme Beonepage

By managing a single page, you can manage the entire website. Simple click the demo and give this theme a try. Live Demo

Whether you want to use free or premium WordPress themes, if meeting your requirements, go for SEO Friendly WordPress themes.

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