Simple Step To Customize Your eCommerce Theme For Better Performance And Sales

In the digital world, your website is the voice of your brand that conveys a message you want to share with the people across the world. Brandying your website is not an easy task, especially when you want to increase engagement and sales through your website. A website should be designed and developed in a way that visitor loves to visit here again and again and inspire them to become your customer.

In the beginning, you may find customizing a theme is difficult, but in reality, it is not. All you need to divide the process into multiple steps to create your effective eCommerce website that projects your brand image in front of the world.

Let discuss few steps to customize the eCommerce theme that can help in improving performance and sales.

Define a Brand Image

Determine the brand you want to create, and then select a theme option from several options, including colors, layout, and font of the website. The theme you choose must convey the product or services you are going to provide to the audience.

Make sure you create a theme that defines a brand, product & services, and your target market. If you are clear about your brand, product & services, you can easily create a theme that projects your brand image accordingly in front of the audience who visit your website. As quoted by Forbes, brand image plays an important part more than you think.

Use Plugins To Improve Functionality

You can search for thousands of different plugins that enhance your website with all the functionality and features you need for your website. For instance, you need a contact form or button shortcodes, you can easily find such plugins on the hosting platform. To improve user experience, various platforms, including WordPress provides different plugins that help in improving the website functioning. Some of the plugins you can consider are:

  • Yoast SEO– It helps in improving the SEO of your complete website.
  • Social Share Button-It allows buyers to share your products with their friends and family.
  • UpdraftPlus-It allows you to backup all your site content, which includes products and other secure data.
  • W3 Total Cache-It allows you to speed up a website through caching.
  • Contact Form 7-It allows your visitors to contact you directly.
  • iTheme Security-It presets security for your website. 

You can search for the plugins in the plugin section with ease that can help you in customizing your website.

Use CSS Code To Change 

When it comes to customizing styling of a theme beyond the theme option, CSS code can help. CSS is a creator that makes the appearance of content appealing to the audience. It controls all styling, including colors, borders, typography, floating and spacing of components. Further, CSS allows you to add your CSS styles which eventually allow you to override the default styles of your theme and custom CSS codes. CSS code is very useful when it comes to improving the theme style. Make sure it goes with your brand story and services.

Images Style

Images are necessary to consider while customizing a theme as a consistent image style you choose to help in developing a custom branded style. When it comes to image style, you can get many options, including high-quality custom art, custom photoshoot, and stock photos. If you choose stock photos you can have a lot of options. Free stock photos can be easily available on sites like pexels, pixabay. Paid stock photos can be easily available on adobe, iStock photo, etc. In the end, whether you choose photo or custom art, images are a great way to convert a simple template into a great custom website.

Override Template Files And Functions

When it comes to changing the HTML structure of your theme, editing the content or adding new functionality, it is necessary to create a child theme that can override the parent theme. To make this possible, you must have basic knowledge of PHP and HTML, otherwise, it might be a challenging task for you. To learn more about it, you can explore the child theme section. If you think the DYI approach is not a good idea, you can take the help of experts to help you develop new functionality on your website.

Logo Style

Logo design is very important for a website as it represents your brand image and conveys your message to the audience. A logo should be easy to remember and must represent your business, product & services. Businesses need to create a splashable brand. DO you know what splashable brand is? Splashable brand means a brand logo that can be easily recognized even after a mighty splash. So make sure you use a logo that completely transforms your standard website into a remarkable one.

Shop Page

The shop page on an eCommerce website is a page where a listing of all your products is found. The things you must consider for your shop page includes displaying the individual product or product categories that fetch the attention of the visitor and encourage them to shop with you. Select what makes you think is better and easy for the audience, then save settings accordingly. 

Shopping Cart

On the eCommerce website shopping cart is one of the crucial pages that can be adjusted through the dashboard. It is advisable to go for the full-width layout. Before you choose a shopping cart layout, ensure that you explore the ideas or your competitor’s sites. Also, make sure this page is easy to access for the audience who visit your site for shopping or exploring.

Final Thoughts

These are the few easy steps that you can consider while customizing the eCommerce website. While customizing theme make sure you consider elements like font, colors, logo, and images. Also, remember to consider plugins and extensions that you think are necessary for your website.

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