Top 5 Plugins In 2017 To Keep Your WordPress Website Safe And Secure

Millions of websites today are being powered by WordPress, be it for blogging, E-Commerce or a complete business portal. The soaring popularity of WordPress among the global website developers has also led this high-end platform vulnerable to several security threats and attacks.

Today, many hackers try to exploit the weak-links in the platform in order to sneak into the admin panel. in the WP programming. However, WordPress has an effective solution to this in the form of security plugins, which are available in abundance in the market.

One should know that WordPress is a secure platform, but you should always be aware of the spammers and hackers with malicious intent. With WordPress taking over other content management systems by storm, it has become one of the targets for hackers. Hence, making sure that your WordPress website is protected by all means and kinds has become important than ever before.

Just like the availability of plugins for any functionality, there are a plethora of plugins out there which provide a complete security package for a website. These plugins are programmed to protect the WordPress website against brute-force attacks, phishing, hacking, and much more. Let’s discuss the 5 best  security plugins for WordPress:


  • WP Database Manager


Malicious attacks by spammers and hackers lead to severe damage to a business website. For any  WordPress website owner, it is advised that he should have a complete backup of their business portal. The WP database manager plugin plays a crucial role in keeping the database of the website updated and help in creating regular backups and restoration. With these database administrators, you can run optional queries, as well as automatically schedule the backup of the database in no time.


  • Bulletproof Security



This plugin comes with a lot of features and is really easy to install. This plugin prevents a malicious source from adding any malicious script such as RFI (Request for Information) or XSS (Cross site scripting). These scripts have the potential to damage the entire website in no time. The .htaccess files in the Bulletproof plugin make any malicious scripts ineffective and will stop them from reaching the core PHP code of WordPress.


  • Limit Login Attempts


Restricting the number of login attempts is one of the most effective ways of preventing the brute force attacks of hackers and spammers. By default, WordPress offers any number of login attempts, but this may prove to be a leverage for a hacker. With no restrictions on the number of login attempts, hackers can easily login on a website and can even get access to the password of the website owners. This plugin prevents such brute force login attempts and blocks such IP addresses.


  • iThemes Security


Hackers and spammers are always looking out for out for weak points and security breaches of a website. The WP security plugin is one handy tool every WordPress user should add to his website. The plugin is effective in bringing out all possible weak links such as insecure or easy to decode passwords, poor admin panel or hacking prone database. This enables a WordPress user to quickly make the necessary changes in order to keep the website safe and secure.


  • Wordfence Security


Irrespective of its position in the list of top 5, this plugin is one of the hot favorites among the global WordPress community. The plugin is highly effective and quickly hunts down any hidden spyware in the coding, theme, or even the addition plugins used on the website. Once this plugin is being installed, it gets into action and scans all the PHP directories, dashboards, and widgets. In case any malware gets reported, an instant email notification is sent to the WP admin to take necessary actions.

Choosing The Right Plugin

While you pick one of these plugins as a security measure for your WordPress website, there are a few considerations to bear in mind. This will help you narrow down from the list of plugins based on your needs and requirements. Here are the things you should consider while picking the security plugin:

  • Number of downloads — Make sure that the plugin is widely used
  • Regular updates — Ensure that the plugin has been updated consistently
  • Read the reviews — Check that the plugin has good reviews and ratings
  • Support — make sure that the developers are available for support, if required

A business website is your first point of contact with the potential audience and to-be customers. An unsafe site which provides discomfort of any kind to the visitors could hamper your brand reputation over the web. Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict the threats of such kinds, but considerable measures can always be taken to avoid any damage.

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  1. Yes completely agree with this sharing, when it comes to security aspect now a days we have to be very focused.

  2. Marry R. Olson Reply

    Thanks for sharing helpful list, i will definitely suggest to my friends.
    You can try User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin. It helps you to monitor and keep track of all the activities occurs on the admin side and also provides a very easy user interface to manage your site’s user roles. It notified when a particular user is logged in.

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