What are WordPress Blocks? And How do They Work?

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Each item you add to your post or page is a block. You can add blocks for each paragraph, images, videos, galleries, audio, lists, and more. There are blocks for all common content elements and more can be added by WordPress plugins.

WordPress started as a blog creating software. But it was gradually improved, and the makers introduced different features in it.

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At present WordPress is a web designing platform. This allows you to develop any types of website and blog sites.

It also has a secure open-sources content management system, or CMS designed based on MySQL and PHP.  Hence, it is very much user-friendly and offers easy website creation and content management.

Many bloggers do not know the details about web designing. They can use this to develop a page or design a website for their creation.

If someone is using the latest version of WordPress, then they are already acquainted with the “WordPress Blocks”. But what are WordPress Blocks? How do they work?

The answer is simple. WordPress Blocks are a unique feature of WordPress, which organises the contents of any website or blog page designed via WordPress.

This has been introduced in the WordPress 5.0 version. This is an excellent feature of this platform, and it helps any blogger or anyone who uses a website. This is because WordPress blocks automatically organise the posts.

It is available as a tool in the dashboard of WordPress 5.0. If you have started to create a new post or blog or content, then you will notice that an editing panel appears on the right side of your window.

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How to use WordPress blocks?

This edition panel will display different tags and content fields which can be used to classify create content.

As it has been described before, WordPress blocks are available when someone starts to create web content. It converts any paragraph or image or text into a block.

The block help to create a neat appearance of the written content or pictures. It helps to give it a more professional look. 

WordPress is very user-friendly. The users designed it such a way that anyone can use it. The “WordPress Blocks” feature is also quite the same.  

If you want to use this feature, you need to type your content at first. After a paragraph ends; just press, the”enter” key and WordPress will automatically arrange it in the blocks. 

If you want to enter any other thing like an image or link, then you need to click the “+” button available on the left corner of the upper portion of the block editor and your preferred image or link etc. will be added and arranged neatly. 

There are different types of blocks available in WordPress. Hence, you can customise the feeling and look of the content as per your choice.

You can rearrange the heading format or heading style, design the pattern etc.

 Available blocks in WordPress-

WordPress has introduced different types of “blocks” in its latest version(version 5.0). Each of these blocks is designed for a particular function.

The “paragraph block” or “text block” is one of the most popular among the blocks, but there are other blocks also.  

The  Blocks which are available in the WordPress version 5.0 are-

  • Heading
  • Custom HTML
  • Form
  • Code
  • Shortcode
  • Image
  • Preformatted
  • Table
  • Button
  • Columns
  • Gallery
  • List 
  • Quote
  • Pullquote
  • Page Break
  • Separator
  • Spacer
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Cover Image
  • File
  • Embedded links of external platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Read in detail about different block.

Block Wrapper

With every block comes a special and unique block wrapper. This block wrapper function allows the user or writer to rearrange and edit blocks easily.

The earlier versions of WordPress also had some blocks but were not that much easy to use. Additionally, the writer can change the position of a block or move it in downwards or upwards as per their preference.

You just need to hold and drag an intersection between the usual arrows to change their position. This comes as a breeze .

In earlier versions, userS had to cut and paste the need portion to break the blocks. Some web faced the chances of getting the entire document lost during the editing process.

But the new blocks system had made everything simple.

 Benefits of Using Blocks

The benefits are immense. Blocks have added a new dimension for those who use WordPress regularly.

This new feature makes editing an easy task without any hassle. Here are the benefits of using the WordPress Blocks –

  1. The blocks are very much easy to user. You do not need to learn them separately or need to be an expert of them.

Just a few steps will be enough.

2. The Blocks come with their block editor feature. That means you can edit and customise each block whenever your article demands it. 

It offers a standardized and wholesome approach in your content and makes it more professional.

So, your readers get a professional vibe through the blocks.

3. These blocks do not have “copy and paste” problems anymore. The makers of WordPress have a marvelous job by making the process far easy and straightforward.

So, you can easily copy your content from a word document or another material and paste it in WordPress to publish your latest creation. 

4. The blocks are also easier to rearrange. That means you can insert or change any block whenever you want.

 What To Keep In Mind

 If you are new to WordPress locks, then you may need to know some tips and tricks.

If you need to get the maximum benefit of using the latest blocks, then you need to use the WordPress themes that are compatible with “editor styles”.

These unique themes support block editor and allow you to use to most of the features. 

This trick does not alter the viewer experience. But it helps the writer.

It helps to edit more natural and also keeps deleting predictable and easier to understand.

 Does it alter the viewers’ experience?

The answer is “No”. The WordPress blocks do not alter what your readers or viewers see.

Your readers will only see your contents if they visit your blog or page. Blocks are invisible to them.

It is because this tool is created for the writer, not for the viewers. 

If you are new to WordPress, then you may wonder if these are the right tools to use or not.

But, these blocks are a first edition which helps any writer to edit their contents and give those contents a professional approach, It keeps your writing experience hassle-free.

It helps you to focus on writing and publishing. That means, if you are wondering about using them, go for it.

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